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albmuslim Smart PC Arrange Startup v3.1

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Is your PC still starting up slowly? Remember the day when you bought
your new PC with Windows installed? It was lightning fast. It took only
about ten seconds to boot. When you opened the Start menu or the
load/save file dialogs, they showed up instantly. But, after a year of
heavy use, you now realize that your PC has some serious performance
issues. It takes more and more time to boot each time you start it.
When you open your Start menu, file dialogs or other Windows Shell
powered components, also seem to always need more time.

There is a simple and effective solution - Arrange Startup software!

Arrange Startup classifies all of your programs that are executed at
startup as system programs, suspicious applications that can be viruses
and the programs that are not necessary for startup. It happens very
often that the applications that can be executed when needed, form part
of the startup list wasting hardware resources after each startup.

A lot of programs are loaded into the memory of your PC at startup,
which noticeably lowers its performance. Some of the programs are
system ones necessary for normal functioning, and the rest of them can
be easily removed from the startup list.

Arrange Startup will help you to remove programs from startup list or to add them there! Save your time!


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