Microsoft Windows Vista x86 & x64 Retail

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albmuslim Microsoft Windows Vista x86 & x64 Retail

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Microsoft Windows Vista x86 & x64 Retail

Windows Vista Ultimate is the most comprehensive edition of Windows
Vista. It is the first operating system that combines all of the
advanced infrastructure features of a business-focused operating
system, all of the management and efficiency features of a
mobility-focused operating system, and all of the digital entertainment
features of a consumer-focused operating system. For the person who
wants one operating system that is great for working from home, working
on the road, and for entertainment, Windows Vista Ultimate is the
operating system that lets you have it all.

Features & Benefits

* Work from home

* The latest in entertainment

* No compromises

* Ease of use

* Explorers

* Windows Aero

* Live taskbar thumbnails

* Windows Flip and Windows Flip 3D

No need for product key to install. Installing Vista without a
product key will allow you to evaluate for 30 days. To continue using
Vista, you must enter your product key and activate. I will not advise
anyone to go find and crack their Vista install, so please do not
message me about it or asking for product key.

Microsoft Windows Vista x86 Retail (32 bit) REUPLOADED

Size: 2.53 GB


Code: x86_VWM_BuYcKi.part01.rar x86_VWM_BuYcKi.part02.rar x86_VWM_BuYcKi.part03.rar x86_VWM_BuYcKi.part04.rar x86_VWM_BuYcKi.part05.rar x86_VWM_BuYcKi.part06.rar x86_VWM_BuYcKi.part07.rar x86_VWM_BuYcKi.part08.rar x86_VWM_BuYcKi.part09.rar x86_VWM_BuYcKi.part10.rar x86_VWM_BuYcKi.part11.rar x86_VWM_BuYcKi.part12.rar x86_VWM_BuYcKi.part13.rar x86_VWM_BuYcKi.part14.rar x86_VWM_BuYcKi.part15.rar x86_VWM_BuYcKi.part16.rar x86_VWM_BuYcKi.part17.rar x86_VWM_BuYcKi.part18.rar x86_VWM_BuYcKi.part19.rar x86_VWM_BuYcKi.part20.rar x86_VWM_BuYcKi.part21.rar x86_VWM_BuYcKi.part22.rar x86_VWM_BuYcKi.part23.rar x86_VWM_BuYcKi.part24.rar x86_VWM_BuYcKi.part25.rar


Code: x86_VWM_Cr_BuYcKi.rar

Microsoft Windows Vista x64 Retail (64 bit) REUPLOADED

Size: 3.57GB


Code: x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part01.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part02.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part03.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part04.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part05.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part06.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part07.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part08.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part09.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part10.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part11.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part12.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part13.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part14.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part15.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part16.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part17.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part18.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part19.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part20.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part21.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part22.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part23.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part24.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part25.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part26.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part27.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part28.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part29.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part30.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part31.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part32.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part33.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part34.rar x64_VWM_BuYcKi.part35.rar


Code: x64_VWM_Cr_BuYcKi.rar



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